Value of AI Creativity

With 7 billion people on this planet, coming up with an original name for your child isn’t the most straightforward task. A Brown University student and coder named Nate Parrott created an algorithm entirely intended to take the visionary leap to name a baby. It’s 2018, and we live in the future! With a combination of word vectors and specialized algorithms, it’s learned how naming conventions work and can create a list of creative possibilities for the newest family member. This is especially impressive given that the AI first needs to learn what language is, in general, to understand how vowels and consonants work in a multiplicity of combinations to create its version of what we see as a name. How does it do this? Math, pure and simple. A neural network was trained to convert 7,500 American names into numbers.

This is a common theme within machine learning, and it enables the system to understand what numerical patterns are most likely to translate into human sounding names such as:

Artificial intelligence is seeping into the cracks of our society, filling needs like grout and connecting the pieces of our everyday lives. It’s quickly becoming a mosaic composed of human creativity and AI connectivity and paving the way for a more comprehensive future, possibly full of people named Pruliaa and Chitoi.

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August 10, 2018






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