Summer of Imaginative Interns (SII)

At Systems Imagination, it’s always been about going beyond what human intelligence can achieve individually, and focusing in on systems that combine teams of humans and the latest machines to achieve quantum leaps in our understanding of health and disease.

This summer, out of a pool of nearly 100 applicants, we invited 18 interns to experience how we build the technologies and processes to find hidden value in big data.  Projects across the spectrum – from mobile applications for users to explore their own genetic data, to training neural networks on the latest NVIDIA DGX Workstation GPU supercomputer to recognize and accurately classify cells in blood samples – are giving each intern the freedom to explore and experience what it’s like to analyze big data in the healthcare and life sciences.  And the interns themselves range from high school sophomores dipping their toes in, to Ph.D.-candidates working on their first proverbial “lakes of data”.  The tremendous interest in what we at Systems Imagination do is also reflected in the global representation of both the data and the Interns – from Asia to the U.S.

As the summer winds down and our interns start thinking about wrapping up their extraordinary experiences with us, we asked them to reflect on their time with us.  The following Intern Spotlight highlights some of those reflections.  We look forward to seeing several of our Interns return to us again next summer, and will follow their promising careers as knowledge workers of the future!

Let us introduce our first intern in our Intern Spotlight series (drum roll please)

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July 31, 2018


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