Putting My Biomedical Informatics Knowledge to Work

My name is Shayna Troftgruben and I am a student at Arizona State University studying Biomedical Informatics and have spent this summer as an intern at Systems Imagination Inc (SII). SII assigned me to the “Content” project, where I could best utilize my skills attained during my ongoing undergraduate education. Working alongside Megan Rorison, the content project allowed me to practice programming in both python and powershell. It also gave me experience working with big data and introduced me to the graphical database system of Neo4J. Not only did SII offer me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge in the technical realm but it also introduced me to topics that were foreign to me. Before this summer, I had little knowledge about various business concepts such as blockchain. All of this exposure enabled me to explore new interests. SII is great because it encourages its interns to challenge themselves in pursuit of their passions.  Systems Imagination Inc. is an internship unlike any other as it is a place of personal growth.

Another aspect of Systems Imagination that I appreciated was the intern/staff community. The atmosphere at Systems Imagination was extremely inviting and friendly.  Each employee came with their own diverse background and contributed their own unique set of talents and skills. Getting to know these people was extremely insightful, prompting me to learn something new every day. We also spent some time together outside of the workday, planning events such as bowling and an open house that was held back in June. This work culture made each and every day enjoyable.

After my internship, I plan to finish up my last couple semesters at ASU. After graduation, my hope is to get a job at a technology company much like SII where I can put the skills I gathered to the test.

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August 15, 2018


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