NVIDIA GTC 2019: Deep Learning & AI Conference Summary

For the last ten years, Nvidia has pioneered the use of graphics processing units, or GPUs for high performance computing needs and the company has hosted their annual GTC event to showcase cutting edge technologies and solutions using their GPU systems. GTC has grown over the years from 2400 in 2012  to over 8000 last year, with attendees across many industries from healthcare and life sciences to security and construction. This year, the impact of GPU computing and its use in driving artificial intelligence applications for complex data problems were highlighted. Though GPU computing is not new, advancements within the field have lead to an explosion of new opportunities as this technology continues to improve.

With this increased focus on solving complex big data problems using GPU computing, Systems Imagination (SII) was prominently profiled at GTC through two of our team members, Kendyl Douglas and Pieter Derdeyn, who each presented exciting work they have been conducting at SII. Kendyl spoke at GTC's inception theater about the innovative hypergraph platform of knowledgebase engineering that SII has developed and used to accelerate big data analytics. Kendyl, one of the company’s applied mathematicians, took the opportunity to announce interesting insights from a purely data driven discovery project that SII is performing for a customer that revealed potential cancer drug targets. Pieter, one of the company’s knowledge engineers, further demonstrated the power of applying machine learning methodologies to hypergraphs of cancer-focused biomedical data in his presentation on discovering adenoid cystic carcinoma biomarkers using a purpose-built hypergraph database and link prediction. The presentation gave an overview of the effectiveness of using such a database, as well as demystifying the intricacies of using AI to find insights in complex data sets. We are extremely proud of Kendyl and Pieter, and honored to have had a chance to present.

As in all communication, speaking is only half of the equation. The other half is attentive listening. This year GTC offered 60+ instructor-led training sessions, 40+ self-paced courses, and 6 full-day workshops. During this conference, a lot of the work we have done thus far in 2019 has been confirmed. For instance, our data scientist Abhishek Kothari, who attended a talk about finance from Citi Group noted, "It was surprising to me when I saw that even they {Citi Group} were using graphs for analysis, which supports our work at SII using Hypergraphs."

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March 29, 2019


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