Finding Inspiration and Exploring Creativity in Emerging Technologies

My name is Nico De Bruyn and I am the summer management intern Systems Imagination (SII) where I am responsible for leading creative problem-solving/brainstorming sessions with other interns, conducting primary interviews and pursuing market research projects of my own interest. My favorite aspect of SII is the research and development. Throughout my time at SII, I have proposed several solutions to pressing problems which have ranged from logistical inefficiencies in healthcare to more accurate data retrieval of consumer spending trends.

My summer internship has been filled with constant growth and an unprecedented amount of excitement. Through insightful mentorship and an abundance of resources, I have been able to learn an immense amount about how to run a startup and master skills that I have long overlooked. Every day is different, and I have had the flexibility from all of the staff members to constantly challenge the status quo. In example of this, I have also helped SII come up with a fun way of brainstorming through the use of games. On Friday mornings, we play a modified bingo game that has led to the development of new projects and fostered an increase in interdisciplinary communication throughout the company. The basic premise of the game is to select startups such as Airbnb or Uber and connect them with niche markets such as teachers or sports enthusiasts. We then have an open discussion on how a startup in this particular niche market would function and what products/services it would offer to the end consumer. We plan to explore the ideas that came out of this game. This game encapsulates why SII offers such a unique internship experience. There aren’t many companies that encourage interns to pursue projects that we personally find interesting.

This opportunity has inspired me to start a company that utilizes emerging technologies to solve problems that customers are facing. This will be primarily a consulting/research and development company much like Systems Imagination. Further, I want to create an organization that could offer incubation services such as y-combinator.

In conclusion, SII has enabled me to explore my interests that ultimately led me to find my passions.

About Nico

Nico is currently studying Nutrition at Arizona State University. He is the Big Data Evangelist at Systems Imagination. He is looking forward to growing the SII brand.

EDIT: Nico is now working at SII in marketing.

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August 8, 2018


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