Employee Spotlight: Yassin Youssfi

Who is Yassin?  

Yassin Youssfi, Knowledge Engineer
A person that is driven by the hunger to make an impact. Today, there isn't one exact niche that I feel that I am limited to, but whether personally or professionally, it has one constant impact. I would also classify myself as a modern-day philosopher. I love to learn and think while maintaining a healthy degree of scientism, which helps me ask the much-needed questions to see the whole picture.  
This passion for impact and philosophy minded has led me to bring a new way of thinking about being an Knowledge Engineer and Scrum Master. I go into each conversation and interaction with an open mind as each conversation can help shape my mind and allows me to learn something new.  
I didn't start as an Knowledge Engineer but it has been a way to incorporate my love for engineering and operations. In this role, I help bridge the gap between those who are the visionaries and those who are realists. I take the idea/direction of the visionary and the plan of the realist to bring the ideas and projects to life.  
When it comes to my personal life, I would call myself a cool nerd. I like to read a lot, game, and tinker with new ideas such as rebuilding my computer and building an at-home temperature scanner to scan a people as they walk through a door automatically.  


What does a typical day look like for you?  

My day starts a little differently than most. I have recently downloaded this app called "Alarmy" which is not your typical alarm clock because each day to turn off the alarm, you have to accomplish a task. A task could be to solve a puzzle, math problem, or take a picture of something in the house. The goal is to remove you from the bed and activate your brain.  
After that, I make sure to get some exercise, such as driving to Tempe town lake for a walk or run. This is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and helps me feel refreshed. With no one out and about, I get a sense of normality during COVID-19 as I do not have to wear a mask.  
Then when I get home, I eat and head into the office. I already have a list of tasks ready, which I have prepared from the night before, so as soon as I get to the office, its go time. My job is split between operations and development, so each day is a little different as one task could be reviewing development of a new algorithms and another could be preparing for various team meetings.  
Afterwork it's side hustle time whether that's reaching out to my friends to see if they need any help with their ideas or working with businesses to help them strategize acquisition of more business in North America for family. After that, its downtime and dinner before closing the day off with a 30-minute reading session.  


What drew you to work for Systems Imagination?  

SII has always been able to satisfy my need for personal autonomy, freedom to think differently about problems, and apply it to real-world situations. This has also been the only place where I don't feel like I am working because I actually enjoy the projects we work on and the people I work alongside.  
The company has allowed me to express my creativity, and the people have always pushed me to think differently. We have a great culture, open and tightly knit around our mission to solve cancer.  

What are some of the biggest takeways from your time at SII?  

Two answers come to mind:  
We overestimate our ability to understand people and underestimate the impact of individuals on an organization.  
Do not compromise your values. Personally, what gets me up in the morning is knowing that my work is aligned with my personal goals. I don't think I could ever work for a place where I don't respect the company's mission or I don't hold the same values that leadership might have in an organization,  and that's me speaking from experience from other points in my life.  

What advice would you give to a driven college student?  

Start by writing out what you want and don't want from your life, career, and relationships. Once you have this done, then start to make journaling part of your daily habit. By writing down your thoughts and continuing this for a while, you will be able to look back, say a year after you graduate and see that you are a different person than you were.  
You will have acquired more reference points and reflect where you were and how far you have come. Make sure to take time to see how you have changed and if you have changed for the better or not. Ask yourself, "Is the person that I am heading towards, the person that I want to be who will achieve those goals that I have in mind now?"  

If you had a billboard on which you could post a single message to the whole world, what would it say?  

Work smarter, not harder, and surround yourself with the people who will help you achieve your goals.

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August 17, 2020


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