Employee Spotlight: Shweta Yadav

Who is Shweta?  

I am an ambitious and dynamic person who has always been enthusiastic about working in the healthcare industry. Apart from that, I am a passion-driven person, so one of the newest things I have undertaken during COVID-19 is gardening and learning Spanish.  
I pursued my bachelor's in biomedical engineering and my master's in hospital administration. It was during my job as hospital administrator, I started exploring different areas in healthcare. From this, I realized my real passion in the application of technological solutions to resolve healthcare problems.  Therefore, I pursued my second master's in biomedical informatics and, upon graduation, started working at SII.


What does a typical day look like for you?  

My day begins with checking emails and task boards which helps me in planning my tasks for the day. I do not have a typical day as I am involved in multiple projects and teams.  This means that each day I could be working on several different projects such as evaluating new bioinformatics tools, identifying and analyzing novel data sets for our engineering team or reviewing scientific literature related to these datasets and analysis techniques.
After finishing up my work, I take a break and go for a long brisk walk or running.  


What drew you to work for Systems Imagination?  

I learned about the company when I was the organizer of a student poster presentation event, and Dr. Yoo was a keynote speaker. He spoke about the company's mission and the summer internship, which I knew I had to apply. During the internship, I learned how critical big data and machine learning were to developing cancer therapeutics. I enjoyed the environment and work that I was assigned, which were the main reasons I decided to join the company full time.  


What are some of the biggest takeaways from your time at SII?  

What I have discovered is that learning is never-ending. You are always going to learn new things and consistently expand one's horizon.  For example, look at me, I had a different background, but after I worked for SII I realized that I was good at bringing together bioinformatics and computer science. Every day I learn something new in my job, whether I am working on my own project or in a group. I just see so many opportunities around us to grow both personally and professionally.  


What advice would you give to a driven college student?  

I would suggest the college students to start internship in a small organization where you get the freedom to work on multiple projects and learn about the other opportunities that organization offers. It will help in identifying what specific areas/projects really interests you. So, choose an organization that does meaningful work and is supportive of your professional goals.  

If you had a billboard on which you could post a single message to the whole world, what would it say?  

Don't let anyone else define your path and be courageous to blaze your trail.

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October 13, 2020


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