Discovering the Possibilities of AI

My name is Sarah and at the time of me writing this, I am 17 years old and will be a senior in high school. This is my first summer interning at Systems Imagination (SII). I’ve been assigned to the task of finding interesting relationships in a dataset that SII has received from Singapore. In doing so, I am using a scoring method to rank the probabilistic likelihood that two or three biological processes will occur in a subset of the population of interest. My methodology may not be the best, but I am currently working to improve it. Eventually, I hope to understand and create a deep learning algorithm that I can use in a variety of settings. To accomplish this goal, I have started to

explore these DL algorithms and I feel as if I have much more to learn.

My experience at SII has been positive. I originally came from a very sheltered environment that stifled imagination. Coming to SII has been a vast change for me. I find this to be a much more conducive setting for learning. The culture has been very open, as peers are less cliquey and foster innovation. People are actually willing to step outside their bubble of friends and create a new environment. That has been an utter shock, but I highly enjoy it. This environment has encouraged me to get out of a hive mindset and onto new idea paths.

I hope to create an AI that allows people to regulate their spending habits based on economic trends and their income. My hope for this product would be for people to gain better control over their finances. I have also been inspired to create a YouTube channel where I discuss my own ideas on the current climate of the United States and the world while also encouraging others to do the same. I believe technology allows people to form communities where they can trust each other while fostering individualism at the same time. Due to these experiences at SII, I have been inspired to code creative solutions to everyday problems. I will now bring this mindset to all my future endeavors.

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August 29, 2018


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