An imaginative approach to Eye-tracking and Data Curation

My name is Yassin Youssfi and I am a Systems Engineering Intern at Systems Imagination (SII). Systems, Systems… What are they? Well, a system is a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. A Systems Engineer is one who designs and manages complex systems to create a synergistic relationship.

Systems Imagination takes a unique approach to data science by leveraging insights from their machine learning platform with industry experts in the field of oncology. The collaboration that occurs between science and medicine using the SI deliverables is inimitable, and a crucial part of the SI - SO collaboration  and value proposition. To optimize this relationship, and create further value for all parties involved, a better understanding of the discovery process is warranted. This brings me to my first project, eye tracking!

Simply put, eye tracking is a process where one can quantifiably measure eye activity. Questions about where we look, what we ignore, and the reaction of the pupil to various stimuli are all encompassed by eye tracking. Although the concept might seem basic, the data analytics proves to be complex. This is due to the various limitations of eye tracking. For example, the clustering of a number of fixations in a particular region can provide more evidence that the user deliberately looked at something, and significantly increases the likelihood that the brain processed it. However, eye trackers are not mind-reading devices, and they can only tell us what the person looked at but not why.

Nonetheless, we have ambitiously started this journey with the hopes that eye tracking will help us gain a better understanding of the collaborators mental models to refine our data curation methods. With the help of Saccadous Inc. Our efforts are bolstered by insights from resident experts in the field of eye tracking. At the same time, I hope to use this experience to bolster my communication and leadership skills. Stay tuned for more updates.

About Yassin:

Yassin is a senior currently studying Biomedical Engineering at Arizona State University. He is a co-founder at Introhm, a wearable device startup that develops textile-based biometric sensors to facilitate physical therapy, rehabilitation, and exercise. Introhm has won several awards at Arizona State for Innovation and Entrepreneurship . During his free time, Yassin enjoys working out, reading, and indulging in competitive Overwatch games.

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March 15, 2019


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