Predicting Molecular Properties: A Novel Data Driven Approach

A Trusted Community Genomic Sharing App for Cancer Patients

Differential Genomics & Transcriptomics between TKI Sensitive versus Resistant BCR-ABL Dependent CML

Genetic Predisposition to Symptomatic Lumbar Disk Herniation in Pediatric and Young Adult Patients.

Extending t-SNE to Obtain More Predictive Results in Healthy Singaporean Population

In silico discover of acc cancer biomarkers: applying link prediction to a purpose-built hypergraph

A novel in silico approach to identify gene signatures associated with recurrent cancer

Expression Variance of Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Using a Protein-Protein Interaction Network

AI to Predict a New Class of Novel Synthetic Lethal Targets

SII Presents At Nvidia GTC 2019

Big data analytics powered by NVIDIA supercomputers

March 2019

SII CEO Chris Yoo, PhD presents at Hacking the Human

Watch Chris Yoo's presentation on technology-led health innovation breakthroughs

December 2018

Systems Imagination Presents Phoenix Data Conference

GPU-accelerated machine learning analyses reveal new fusion proteins important in cancer progression

October 2018

Systems Imagination Furthers Big Data Analytics Capabilities with Nvidia DGX Station

July 2019


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