Flipping the AI and Data science switch to ON.

Our vision is that we are at the very beginning of a digital transformation where humans plus machine can dramatically improve all things through the application of better data science and AI.  Knowledge will evolve to make the unknown unknowns less common, and our ability to recognize insights and make better decisions practical.  Our mission is to help our customers and partners uncover hidden truths to make their products and services even more relevant.

Dr. Chris Yoo, PhD

CEO Founder of Systems Imagination
Marina jns

Our Tempe team

Chris Yoo, PhD

Founder and CEO

Kendyl Douglas

Strategic Project Manager

David Schneider

VP Knowledge Engineering

Nico De Bruyn

Chief Growth Hacker

Erin Washbon

New Markets Manager

Abhishek Kothari

Data Scientist

Athithyaa Selvam

Software Engineer, AI

Pieter Derdeyn

Knowledge Engineer

Sadie Larsen

New Markets Intern

Matt Levy

Business Development Executive

Yvette Ferreira

Marketing Consultant

Sasha Rowe

Systems UI/UX Expert


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