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At Systems Imagination, we create innovative technology solutions that are smarter systems, solving problems in a meaningful way in this industry. Biomedical data is uniquely massive, complex, multivariate, and multi-scalar.  Our data-driven approach to understanding biomedical data focuses on data representation.

Our systems preserve the semantic knowledge of the data and its associations, while allowing for the rapid pace of change.  We accomplish this using, Hyperion™, a hypergraph database. Hyperion™ is used to support the rapid innovation of the drug discovery and development process by creating smarter systems that provide smarter insights.

A Success Story

Founded in 2015, Systems Oncology works to accelerate scientific innovations into breakthrough cancer therapies. The company believes that innovating cancer development requires deeper mechanistic insights into cancer biology, and that requires the exponential power of AI.  SII builds smarter systems that help to find new insights hidden in plain sight.  Systems Oncology's entire process is powered by Systems Imagination's unique knowledge evolution platform and SII's technology team provides advanced data analytics working hand-in-hand with Systems Oncology's scientists and clinicians. We have built one of the largest databases of cancer research knowledge and have specialized the system to focus on the way data is linked together. 

This is where new discoveries happen. We created an artificial intelligence augmented knowledge network that enables rapid hypothesis generation for accelerated discovery research for SO. The hypergraph’s architecture allows for linking and nesting data, enabling efficient extraction of biologically-relevant features.The hypergraph’s architecture allows for linking and nesting data, enabling efficient extraction of biologically-relevant features.

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Smarter Systems

Your data can be complex, hard to understand. but can hold very valuable insights. We build systems that find insights in your data that make your data work for you.



From data science to prototyping to full AI stacks, we will help you on your journey into data and AI.


Design prototyping and pilot programs enable to to explore multiple avenues on cost savings, revenue improvement, higher utilization or any combination.

Find the path to your key metrics by exploring without overspending on large scale projects.


Mobile applications, serverless cloud architectures, asynchronous disconnected systems, traditional cloud systems, high performance computing and more.

Learn how our development expertise will help you maximize the value of your assets.

Data Science

From modeling chemical binding to financial modeling for next generation products, we have expertise in developing models and systems that provide exceptional return.

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