What We Do

We enable informed decision science for companies through our proprietary AI and knowledge databases.

Who We Help

We can help any entity that may benefit from understanding its own data and processes better. Whether you are a company in the financial services sector or a new startup in the Healthcare & Life Sciences, we enable you to leverage big data by turning it into actionable knowledge.

How We Work

Collaboration is at the heart of our success with data science and knowledge engineering. You know your business best; we help you leverage your story and explain to everyone else.


AI and data science tools crafted by Systems Imagination will secure the highest ROI possible with the deepest understanding of data through individualized prototyping and pilot programs tailored to customer problems.


Established organizations seeking to build upon their foundation can get ahead of competitors by connecting insights, integrating applications for added efficiency, and creating AI pipelines and server-less cloud architectures. Imagine the next generation with us at Sii.

Data Science

Our interdisciplinary team has expertise in diverse industries which combine to create well-rounded, artificially intelligent systems for imaginative solutions to augment and sharpen your product lines by unlocking insights to move your company forward.


Smarter Systems

Your data can be complex, hard to understand. but can hold very valuable insights. We build systems that find insights in your data that make your data work for you.



From data science to prototyping to full AI stacks, we will help you on your journey into data and AI.


Design prototyping and pilot programs enable to to explore multiple avenues on cost savings, revenue improvement, higher utilization or any combination.

Find the path to your key metrics by exploring without overspending on large scale projects.


Mobile applications, serverless cloud architectures, asynchronous disconnected systems, traditional cloud systems, high performance computing and more.

Learn how our development expertise will help you maximize the value of your assets.

Data Science

From modeling chemical binding to financial modeling for next generation products, we have expertise in developing models and systems that provide exceptional return.

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